okay, so I keep getting the most bizarre messages in my inbox. Something about a Twilight Sparkle? I dunno who or what that is. Also, something about wishing me luck? Something about me leaving on a journey or something? I can tell ya one thing, I haven’t left this barn house since I woke up. 

I still don’t got a clue wha t that letter is supposed to meen, since my sister seems to be useless. well, aside from drinking, there ain’t much to do round these parts. It really is boring as all hell around here. Send me a message or something? That’d be mighty neighborly of ya. Make sure it’s not stupid though. 

- AJ

Alright, well, if somepony wrote something on that paper it’s in some foreign language I can’t read. I’m going to get back to doin some more important things, like getting shit-faced.

Remember, if y’all want to send me some messages, feel free and I’ll try to respond. It’s hard though coz I got over a thousand of them things in my inbox. 

- AJ

So uh… okay. Apparently me and Apple Bloom ain’t the only ponies around these parts. That Derpy fella sure seems nuts to me. I also got a letter. Don’t got the slightest idea who it could be from. 

In other news, ya’ll keep sendin me THE WEIRDEST messages. One thing in particular… something about a “zalgo moose”? Ain’t got the slightest what that could be. And ya’ll keep sending me nonsense tellin me I did stuff recently that I know I didn’t do!

Listen here, I’ll give it to ya straight: all I’ve done since wakin up with amensia is bury somepony’s body who was apparently my rapist cousin? (Celestia, that ain’t pleasant.) I then started up on the blog and been askin’ ya’ll to help me with my memory. None of this monster nonsense or whatever else ya’ll conjured up in yer minds. 

- AJ

Ya’ll keep sendin me stuff bout “some other Applejack” er somethin? I’m the only Applejack I know of.

Unless Apple Bloom is hidin’ something from me… hmm… not sure. But I got a bunch of messages bout some “Pinkamena” fella or something and they don’t make no sense to me at all. What are ya’ll lookin’ at? 

- AJ

so er… yeah. Still gettin used to this whole “blog” thingy. Ain’t got much else to do these days anyway so I figured I’d bide my time with this. It is kind of a hoot

okay… so uh… could someone please explain to me what in the name of Celestia is goin on??