This Guide is certainly going to be a bothersome little pustule With his help Applejack may actually reach the Council but no matter I have grown wise over my eons of punishment and I will not let the gods command my fate again Equestria is mine and no amount of magic can curtail my strategy Though the gods may be strong I am far more clever


Knowledge is a very powerful tool indeed but there is nothing this Guide could possibly tell Applejack that would threaten my position as master of her world

She may have escaped a convenient death by drowning but she is still drowning in a sea of ignorance and misguided hope

Her world will crumble and she won’t even be around to see it


Applejack is no longer in my sphere of control She is now in a world called the Interstice

I admire her courage for making the arduous journey but I assure you it will be to no avail There is no conceivable way she will be able to gain an audience with the Council and even if she did they can do nothing to save her world

Equestria is mine now Applejack will be nothing but an artifact of a lost world I am Genuvial I am the only god of my world A world she no longer has any place in


This is a rather unexpected and unplanned for turn of events

I could be a bit more diligent on my end but where’s the fun in that

Twilight Sparkle seems a lot more keen than I had previously assumed Could it be that she is somehow resisting my control

Improbable Unheard of Nigh impossible

Just because dear Applejack makes it to the Interstice does not mean she will make it to the Nexus And even if she did I have bolstered my fortifications with other deterrents Nothing can silence the will of Genuvial

Not even the Pantheon  


This could be problematic but I won’t stop them I’m a fan of sport

This wouldn’t be nearly as fun without a challenge 

Let’s see what they can do


Perhaps my sarcasm was a bit premature


Applejack hopes that Twilight Sparkle will be able to offer some advice and assistance

Its obvious she will be a great help

Alright, well, if somepony wrote something on that paper it’s in some foreign language I can’t read. I’m going to get back to doin some more important things, like getting shit-faced.

Remember, if y’all want to send me some messages, feel free and I’ll try to respond. It’s hard though coz I got over a thousand of them things in my inbox. 

- AJ


This is not the Ponyville Applejack remembers

It is far more beautiful now


I see Applejack would like to inquire about me

I am rather curious as to what she could possibly find out

Her hope is false rest assured