The regent is loosening her hold

Her kingdom is not hers but mine


Applejack and her Guide have made it to Falkath

I am sure her journey will go no further Ponies are an ignorant primitive race that will offer no assistance to our heroine on her quest Of this I am sure


Twilight Sparkle continues her fastidious care-taking of Apple Bloom 




This Guide is certainly going to be a bothersome little pustule With his help Applejack may actually reach the Council but no matter I have grown wise over my eons of punishment and I will not let the gods command my fate again Equestria is mine and no amount of magic can curtail my strategy Though the gods may be strong I am far more clever


by Guide

Applejack, your home world has a long history that I’m sure you aren’t even familiar with. Did you know that eons ago your world was a paradise of peace and happiness? It’s true! Two energetic, prosperous races ruled the land together: the alicorns and the draconequus. These draconequus didn’t look anything like the ugly monsters you’re familiar with, though. They were majestic creatures: half pony and half dragon. The draconequus were a fierce, powerful and proud race while the alicorns were the epitome of grace and wisdom. Together they kept harmony throughout what you now call Equestria.

However, this peace was not to last. For reasons long forgotten to the sands of time, the alicorns and the draconequus began fighting. It would become the most destructive war your world has ever seen. The war raged on for thousands of years, destroying most of your planet. Although much of the war was spent in stalemate and uneasy peacetime, it became obvious to the draconequus that they were destined to be defeated. Although they were powerful, their brute strength could not compete with the alicorns’ mastery of magic.

A frail, but wise, old draconequus could see the fate of his people and decided to take control of his own destiny. Through a dark, arcane ritual the foolish draconequus managed to summon the elder goddess of madness: Genuvial. Genuvial listened to his plight and granted him incomparable power for the price of his own sanity. I’m sure you’ve realized by now that the draconequus I’m speaking about is who you call Discord.

It was then that Discord became the abomination you are familiar with today: a physical embodiment of madness and chaos. In an intense fit of insanity, Discord began turning the world upside down. Instead of helping his draconequus brothers, he shaped the world to suit his own twisted vision. Instead of destroying the alicorns like he had initially planned to, Discord spent all of his time toying with the inhabitants of his kingdom in order to sate his lust for amusement. One of his favorite things to do was to take one alicorn and divide it into three individuals: a unicorn, a pegasus and an earth pony. He also instilled a hatred for one another within them so that the three new races would create conflict and, in turn, chaos.

Discord’s reign lasted longer than anyone could have imagined. In that time, nearly all the draconequus died out and only a few alicorns remained. One of these alicorns, an especially gifted sorceress named Celestia, used a dangerous spell to open up a rift in space and time. She embarked on a long and arduous journey across the Interstice, much like you are doing now, Applejack. She wanted to speak with the Council that resides in the Nexus. When she finally reached her destination, she pleaded with the gods to save her world.

Instead of directly interfering, the gods, in their wisdom, created six magical artifacts to be given to each of the surviving alicorns. These artifacts are what you now call the Elements of Harmony. She was given instructions: the alicorns were to channel their own life energy into the crystals and use that energy to defeat Discord. Celestia agreed and returned home.

After distributing the Elements of Harmony to the remaining alicorns, she led the group as they confronted Discord. The alicorns channeled their energy just like the gods instructed. Although Discord’s power made him immortal, they encased his body in stone. In the throes of defeat Discord attempted to corrupt the alicorns. Although he was not able to save himself from being imprisoned, Discord managed to plant the seeds of corruption in the hearts of the alicorns.  

For a long time, harmony bloomed throughout the world. The six alicorns used the Elements of Harmony to spread peace and love to the pony tribes. They guided their new subjects, leading them as gracious and just rulers. This, too, was not to last. Eventually the alicorns began cracking. One by one the alicorns became corrupted, succumbing to Discord’s influence. They would transform into something from their own nightmares. Celestia was forced to banish each of the fallen alicorns for the safety of her new subjects.

This cycle continued until one day only Celestia and her younger sister, Luna, remained. However, Luna proved to be no different from the other alicorns. She became corrupted and Celestia was forced to banish her. She sent Luna to the moon, where she would have to endure crushing isolation for centuries. Celestia was heartbroken after that. She became a recluse and went into hiding. The three pony tribes were forced to fend for themselves and we both know how that turned out. Celestia would not return until years after Equestria was founded. However, as you can see on the Equestrian flag, even during the dark days of the Winter of Hate, the ponies never forgot Celestia and her sister. If it wasn’t for them and the Elements of Harmony, Equestria would not even exist.   


Knowledge is a very powerful tool indeed but there is nothing this Guide could possibly tell Applejack that would threaten my position as master of her world

She may have escaped a convenient death by drowning but she is still drowning in a sea of ignorance and misguided hope

Her world will crumble and she won’t even be around to see it


Applejack is no longer in my sphere of control She is now in a world called the Interstice

I admire her courage for making the arduous journey but I assure you it will be to no avail There is no conceivable way she will be able to gain an audience with the Council and even if she did they can do nothing to save her world

Equestria is mine now Applejack will be nothing but an artifact of a lost world I am Genuvial I am the only god of my world A world she no longer has any place in

okay, so I keep getting the most bizarre messages in my inbox. Something about a Twilight Sparkle? I dunno who or what that is. Also, something about wishing me luck? Something about me leaving on a journey or something? I can tell ya one thing, I haven’t left this barn house since I woke up. 

I still don’t got a clue wha t that letter is supposed to meen, since my sister seems to be useless. well, aside from drinking, there ain’t much to do round these parts. It really is boring as all hell around here. Send me a message or something? That’d be mighty neighborly of ya. Make sure it’s not stupid though. 

- AJ


This is a rather unexpected and unplanned for turn of events

I could be a bit more diligent on my end but where’s the fun in that

Twilight Sparkle seems a lot more keen than I had previously assumed Could it be that she is somehow resisting my control

Improbable Unheard of Nigh impossible

Just because dear Applejack makes it to the Interstice does not mean she will make it to the Nexus And even if she did I have bolstered my fortifications with other deterrents Nothing can silence the will of Genuvial

Not even the Pantheon